New D-TEC scrap tipper

KESTEREN - Trailer builder D-TEC has developed a new tipper for the recycling sector. The tipper is designed for stability and durability, while still being a true lightweight in its class. Many proven market developments and the expertise of Christian Lück from Germany were utilised during the design process.

D-TEC has years of experience in the production of lightweight tank trailers and container trailers. A low deadweight was also an important consideration in the product development of the tipper. Gerrit van Vlastuin, Managing Director: ‘Our many years of experience in building lightweight trailers through the use of high-strength steel, among other things, has enabled us to put a lightweight tipper chassis on the market. By using highly wear-resistant HARDOX side walls and a HARDOX base plate with a thickness of only three millimetres, the tipper is available from 7,400 kg and a volume of 57 m³.’

Safety and user comfort

Minimising the risk of turning over was an important aspect in this product development. ‘That is why we developed the tipper with a low centre of gravity and a torsionally rigid chassis with a unique strut concept. The latter is for safety reasons.’ The shape of the body is conical (tapered) and the side walls consist of a single plate with no additional welds for easier and faster unloading of the cargo. One of the rear doors can optionally be equipped with a grain chute for more flexibility during unloading.

Prototype well received

‘With the development of the chassis and the body, we looked back at our previous experience and the needs of the market. The first prototype was tested at one of our customers and it was used intensively by several drivers. The tipper withstood the test well, and the bottom and side walls still look good afterwards. We are very happy with that,’ said Van Vlastuin enthusiastically.

For the European market

Usefulness throughout Europe was also taken into account in the design of D-TEC. ‘We looked at the various markets, especially in the chassis design and the development of the various body versions. The result is optimal weight distribution for the various markets.’

More than 30 years of experience

D-TEC has more than 30 years of experience in the production of container chassis and manure and other tank trailers. The trailer manufacturer provides an extensive range of container trailers, including the well-known Flexitrailers and Combitrailers, which are sold throughout Europe. D-TEC's tank trailers have been developed for the European manure and biogas market with a wide range of options.